If you find something wrong, broken or working slow on forum please report it to Administration!

Option 1
Use "Report post" button:

for reporting:

  • Child Pornography
  • SPAM
  • DEAD links Reports (please check link with Website down or not? - Website availability check before report)
  • Wrong or missing password
  • Rules violation
  • Error, mistake, misspell, bad language, insulting people or similar
  • other minor issues with thread or post

Option 2
Use Contact Us form to report your issue or send email to info@youngamateursclub.com if you having problem to post here

If you report bug, issue or problem in your report please:

  1. Provide forum link where error occurred
  2. Provide full information what you did and what result you got
  3. Provide Screenshot of error you

How to take Screen Shot

  • Press Print Screen (PrtSc) button on your keyboard
  • Open any graphic editor (Paint for example)
  • Create new file (Ctrl+N)
  • Paste (Ctrl+P)
  • Edit your screenshot by reducing size (800x600px)
  • Save it on Desktop (Ctrl+S)
  • Add as attachment here or upload to imagehost (imageshack.us or similar). If second, follow this 2 steps:
    • Get code for forum
    • Paste it in to your message by clicking


We will try to resolve issue ASAP.